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Code of Conduct

HFL Code of Conduct

HFL board members, coaches, assistant coaches, referees, coordinators and volunteers shall:

1. Aspire to and conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to the highest level of personal integrity and ethical conduct;

2. Refrain from unlawful acts or abusive behavior directed toward players, parents, coaches, referees, volunteers, HFL board members and those affiliated with the Lake Minnetonka Athletic Association ("LMAA") or its member organizations;

3. Avoid conflicts of interest or conduct that results in the perception of a conflict of interest; and

4. Adhere to and enforce the code of conduct for players, parents and spectators.

Suspected violations should be immediately reported to the HFL board president, the coach’s grade coordinator, or any HFL board member for investigation and follow up. Violations of this policy will be dealt with on an individual, case-by-case basis by the Board.

Parents, family members, and spectators shall:

1. Stay behind designated spectator lines and refrain from entering areas designated for players and coaches during games;

2. Refrain from publicly criticizing players, coaches, referees, volunteers, HFL board members, and those affiliated with the LMAA and/or its member organizations;

3. Accept the decisions of contest officials (including referees, coaches, HFL and LMAA representatives) recognizing that said officials strive to be fair and are making calls to the best of their abilities;

4. Refrain from approaching referees before, during or after games in order to discuss bad calls, missed calls, or other matters that would be seen as questioning or criticizing the official’s performance;

5. Address your questions and concerns regarding players, coaches, referees, etc. by approaching the appropriate coach, HFL board member, and/or LMAA representative and requesting an opportunity to discuss your concerns in private;

6. Refrain from criticizing opposing teams, players, coaches, and spectators by word of mouth or by gesture;

7. Discourage unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, players and spectators;

8. Refrain from physical or verbal abuse, or use of profane language or threats directed toward coaches, referees, players, volunteers, HFL board members or those affiliated with the LMAA;

9. Abstain from being under the influence of or in possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances at games, practices, and LMAA sanctioned events; and

10. Support the HFL in its efforts to teach its players that good athletes strive to be good students and that ideals such as discipline, respect, leadership, teamwork, ethics, and community should be carried with them off of the field and into the home, school, etc.

Players and participants shall:

1. Be respectful of coaches, parents, teammates, opponents and game officials whether on the field, in school or out in the community;

2. Practice good sportsmanship and demonstrate ethical conduct and fair play;

3. Strive to be a good student on the playing field and in the classroom; and

4. Follow the direction of my coaches and discourage conduct that would undermine my coaches’ authority.

Players and participants shall NOT:

1. Use profanity or "trash" talk before, during, or after any game;

2. Fight, intentionally injure, or deliberately engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct;

3. Criticize their coaches or teammates; or

4. Act in any way that may encourage teammates, parents, spectators or others to engage in unsportsmanlike behavior or violate the HFL Code of Conduct.

Disciplinary Procedure for Violation of the HFL Code of Conduct

1. Any player/parent/spectator that violates the HFL Code of Conduct may be asked to leave by the referee, director and/or head coach and may be suspended from participating in or attending further team activities.

2. If that person fails to leave upon request, law enforcement authorities may be called to remove them.

3. The HFL board will decide the whether further discipline is warranted and may include continued suspension from team activities and/or expulsion for the program.

4. In egregious cases, removal of the player from the program will be considered, even if it is the parent or family member who has violated the Code of Conduct and not the player.

5. The board’s decision will be based on a number of factors including the nature of the violation, prior offenses, likelihood of future offenses, attitude of the player and parents, safety of participants in the program, and fulfillment of preconditions before returning to team activities.

6. Any violation of the Code of Conduct risks the future participation of the player in the HFL program.