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2021 Football Season Registration

Welcome to the 2021 Registration with Hopkins Football League!

Registration for 

  • K-2nd Grade (Lombardi) Flag Football - $100 ($85 Early Bird) with practices/games on Saturdays.

  • 3rd-4th Grade (Shula) Flag Football - $125 ($100 Early Bird) with practice one day per week with games on Saturdays.  

  • 5th-6th Grade (Madden) Flex Football - $150 ($125 Early Bird) with practices two days per week with games on Saturdays.  Flex football is  a new offering for Hopkins Football and provides a low impact, up-tempo, assignment and acumen focused development platform.  Format fills a gap between flag football and tackle football will be played 9v9 format with flags.  

  • 7th & 8th Grade Tackle Football - $250 ($200 Early Bird)

Registration Link

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

Flag registration fee includes use of flags and equipment and field rental over the course of the year.  Players will receive a reversible flag football jersey to keep.  If a player has a jersey from previous seasons, the parent may elect to receive a voucher for the team store.  

Additionally, parents are required to fulfill a volunteer shift during the 2020 season.  More information will be forthcoming on volunteer options and requirements.  Volunteer roles are presented on the Guardian Information page of the sign up.  

Division Format Practice/Games Dates 2021 Season Start Early Bird Pricing Standard Pricing
Lombardi (K-2nd) 5v5 Flag Saturday Practice + Game 9/4/2021 $85 $100
Shula (3rd-4th) 7v7 Flag 1 Weekday Practice (Likely Wednesday) + Saturday Game Week of 8/30 $100 $125
Madden (5th/6th) 9v9 Flex 2 Practices Weekly (Likely T/Th) + Saturday Games Week of 8/23 $125 $150
Junior high (7th/8th) 11v11 Tackle 3 Practices Weekly (Likely M, T, Th) + Saturday Games Week of 8/16 $200 $250

Equipment Needs per Division

  • All Divisions -  Players are required to wear mouth guard and wear athletic attire.  Jerseys will be provided by HFL as part of registration fee and flags/footballs will be provided to each team for use during the season. 
  • Lombardi - K-2nd -  Cleats/gloves are optional.  
  • Shula - 3rd-4th - Cleats and gloves are optional at Shula Level but recommended.  A soft shell helmet is optional for Shula division and can be purchased through HFL Partners.  
  • Madden - 5th/6th - In addition to mouth guards, Madden division will be required to wear a soft shell helmet and can be rented or purchased through HFL partners.  Soft shoulder pads are optional but recommended for lineman/linebackers.  
  • Junior High - 7th/8th - In addition to mouth guards, Junior High Division will have full tackle gear.  Tackle gear to be provided by HFL.  

2021 Registration is now OPEN!

The Registration "Registration" is not currently available.

If you would like to request a scholarship, please email the contact to the right and do not continue with online registration.

Bo Johnston

Youth Football Director

Registration FAQs

When will HFL/Varsity Program have information on season/COVID status? - HFL will follow the lead of the Varsity program with our Junior High Program (7th & 8th Tackle) and lower divisions.  Information will be provided as we receive it but all indications is that Fall Sports are a go.  

What is the deadline for signing up? - The deadline for signing up will be Labor day but the date for consideration for friend requests/school team formations will be  at the start of August.  See Key Dates page for more info.  

How are teams formed?  Flag football teams are formed with buddy requests and schools in mind.  We do our best to pair kids with their friends first while keeping the team small.  Teams are then formed by evening out teams to ideal team size numbers. 

If my child has a Flag Football Jersey from 2019 or 2020, can they reuse?  - Yes.  New this year, parents have an option of reusing jersey from last year.  If the parent takes this option, a voucher for the jersey cost will be issued to allow purchase of alternate HFL apparel at team store.  This option is presented in the registration form for kids in K-6th grade.

If my child needs a Flag Football Jersey, does my registration cover this?  Yes.  Registration includes jersey for Flag Football and Flex Football.  The Tackle Program registration also covers jersey for program.  

Volunteer Shifts

Hopkins Football League requires that every family fulfill one volunteer shift per player registered during the season. If these hours are not fulfilled by the end of the season, you will be billed $150.00 offline via PowerPay.

League roles, including HFL Volunteer positions (board members, planning committees, league medic, etc.), coaches (head coaches, assistant coaches), and sponsors fulfill the volunteer requirements.  

All volunteer shifts must be registered using the "DIBS" page on the upper navigation bar above.  All volunteer shifts must be registered by the first week of October to be counted for season.