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Hopkins Flag Football is the only option for Grades K-2 (Lombardi Division) and Grades 3-4 (Shula Division).  Players going into 5th or 6th grade have the option of playing Flag Football or Tackle (link above).  


HFL Fees

Welcome to the 2019 Registration with Hopkins Football League!

HFL Tackle Football 

HFL 7th & 8th Regular Fee: $150

HFL 5th & 6th Super Early Bird Fee (until June 1, 2019):  $200

HFL 5th & 6th Early Bird Fee (until July 1, 2019): $235

HFL 5th & 6th Regular Fee (after July 1, 2019):  $275

Your registration fee includes use of helmet, shoulder pads, game pants and pant pads that all need to be returned at the final game of the year. Also included is a game jersey that players keep at the end of the year.

Players are responsible for providing their own practice jersey, practice pants, cleats, athletic cup, mouth guard and socks. There is a small charge by each coach or team parent to have the names put on the jerseys.

**There is a $100 charge if equipment is not returned, charged in November. Stay tuned for EQUIPMENT RETURN DATES announced toward the end of the season.