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Lombardi (K-2nd) 2019 Teams & Coaches Announced

By Bo Johnston 09/04/2019, 8:45am CDT

Lombardi (K-2) 2019 Teams & Coaches Announced

Teams for the Hopkins Flag Football Lombardi Division for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade have been announced for the 2019 Season. All kids have been rostered and information regarding practices and games will be pushed to the SportsEngine App.

The Lombardi Division will be playing 5 on 5 with a coach snap center.  

Lombardi Royal Blue

Coach:  Bo Johnston

G. Caspers

K. Norton

L. Radel

B. Zanon

K. Johnston

D. Lee


Lombardi Silver

Coach: Doug Boie

B. Boie

O. Prust

G. Kraft

K. Shutz

M. Gonzalez

R. Hernandez


Lombardi White

Coach: Nate Plasch

J. Marshall

T. Gale

E. Plasch

S. Swhwartzentruber

J. Westenbroek

J. Bolanos

C. Lee


Lombardi Gray

Coach: Sean Smith

J. LaLonde

S. Peterson

I. Donnay

C. Scanlon

T. Gramling

E. Lippert

W. Smith